“Looking For Family Fun? Here are the Best Golf Courses for Kids” “Looking For Family Fun? Here are the Best Golf Courses for Kids”

Running a private golf club these days is anything but child’s play. Attracting and retaining golfers is key, and among the newest means of doing so is the creation of family-oriented short courses. Ken Jowdy, developer of Diamante, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, has enlisted Tiger Woods Design to construct The Oasis, a 12-hole par-3 course scheduled to open in late 2016.

This Tiger Woods design enjoyed an avalanche of positive publicity when it opened in March 2016, thanks in large part to 11-year-old Taylor Crozier, who aced the first hole with the first official shot ever hit on the course.

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Tiger Woods’ Bluejack National and Tom Doak’s The Loop have something in common: Fun & playability

On the face of it, Golf Digest’s Best New Private Course and its Best New Public Course of 2016 could not be more dissimilar. The private winner, Bluejack National in the piney woods of Montgomery, Texas, is an opulent Tiger Woods design that bears a resemblance to Augusta National, where Woods has won four green jackets. The public winner, The Loop at Forest Dunes, in an expansive meadow near Roscommon, Mich., is a rustic trek by veteran course designer Tom Doak. It’s a reversible layout, two courses in one, inspired by the Old Course at St. Andrews, where centuries ago play on the links alternated direction to spread out wear and tear.

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