Tiger Woods is the name that instantly draws people to Bluejack National. This wooded wonderland just north of Houston in Montgomery is the only Tiger Woods-designed golf course in America.

In truth, that probably would have been more than enough to sell a boatload of memberships and plenty of houses. The drawing power of Tiger Woods is undeniable.

Only the visionaries behind Bluejack National wanted something more. They wanted to create one of the best golf communities in the world. Yes, Bluejack National could have just lived off its Tiger Woods aura. But it’s much more than that.

Bluejack is a place where parents get quality time with their kids in a unique environment (one where they’ll almost volunteer to put down their screens). It’s a land of architecturally interesting houses rather than anything cookie cutter or golf course home standard. It’s a place with more amenities than most five star resorts. It’s a place where nature reigns — one where you can lose yourself in 35 acres of fishing lakes and seven miles of hiking, biking and running trails.

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